Academic Education

I am very grateful to be pursuing my Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California. Everything I’ve chosen to become a part of has been a natural extension of my intuitive knowing of the invaluable benefits of movement. I’ve always been drawn to it & many of my experiences have solidified the fact that movement itself is very therapeutic. It’s so exciting that through physical therapy I am able to use movement as an avenue to restore mobility, optimize function, & enhance quality of life. I am able to participate in a healing process that is priceless.

Prior to USC, I obtained my BS in Kinesiology (human movement) with a minor in Gerontology (the study of the social, psychological and biological aspects of aging) from The University of Illinois. It was here where I got my start as a NASM certified personal trainer & an ACE certified group fitness instructor. I was able to contribute my knowledge & expertise to the Lifetime Fitness Program & Campus Recreation. I was also fortunate enough to learn valuable skill sets by working in the Exercise Psychology Research Lab. The majority of my work was dedicated to assisting with the healthy, active lifestyle trial (HALT I: a large-scale randomized controlled exercise trial examining the effects of fitness changes on brain structure and cognition, physical and psychological function).