energy, auraAlthough you may not always be able to see energy, you can certainly feel it! This is what the feel section is dedicated to…feeling, sensing, & trusting the energy that swirls about us on a daily basis :)

Over time, I’ve been able to become more in tune with the presence of the energy that surrounds me & the energy within me. This awareness has only served me positively- I can now recognize & appreciate the subtleties of certain situations. For example, the energy I bring into a situation (ie positive energy into a group meeting ) or sense when things don’t feel right (ie that gut feeling i get during certain decisions).

Energy can occur in many forms- some are obvious & other forms are more subtle. We, & everything surrounding us, are made up of energy. Atoms are the smallest particle that make up our matter, & due to kinetic energy these atoms are constantly vibrating. According to basic physics, we’re these dynamic beings that have these swirling particles moving around us & inside of us, yet we can’t see them? Why? Atoms cannot be seen with visible light because they aresmaller than the wavelengths of visible light. In order to see something with visible light, the size of the particle must be larger than the wavelength of light.

Paying attention the the energy around you can be very powerful! I cover a wide range of topics describing how it’s possible to become aware & feel energy.



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