ar-yoga gets a new look and is now offering services!

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The rumor is true! AR-Yoga got a facelift. Lots of exciting new ways to connect & tons of new things to explore on the site. Most notably, SERVICES! Yep, AR-Yoga, based out of Manhattan Beach, CA, is now offering services. As of this week, AR-yoga officially announces the launch of 10 one-of-a-kind services. Each service is uniquely crafted & structured to expand awareness, promote transformation, & inspire you to maintain an ongoing commitment to your health & wellness. Services were scheduled to launch in 2012, but lots of hard work went down behind the scenes & services are available NOW. So is it a coincidence that services went live 10 days before Christmas? Of course not, AR-yoga doesn’t believe in coincidences. All is divinely orchestrated to happen at the right moment, at the right time, and the right time for AR-Yoga Services to be experienced by all is NOW. Once you read all the details & choose the service you’d like to experience, use AR-Yoga’s easy booking tool to schedule today. Be sure to check out all the shiny, exciting new-ness that the site has to offer & while you’re at it, click the facebook like button below or on the homepage to show your love & support! With an immense amount of gratitude, xoxo ar

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