The Simple Kitchen

The Simple Kitchen

361 West 17th Street, New York, NY 10011

Mission: Eat Simple. Drink Simple.™The Simple Kitchen is an all-natural and organic café in Chelsea, NYC. We use local ingredients and our farm, The Simple Kitchen Gardens, is located less than 100 miles away in Bethlehem, CT. Our freshly prepared food is packaged so you can grab it and go, and we now plate food to order when you dine in. We serve organic, biodynamic & local wine and beer. If you can’t make it in, call us for delivery!

The Simple Kitchen™ company was formed to make healthy and pure food and beverages with:

1. Only all natural ingredients, organic if possible; local sourcing a priority.
2. A short list of recognizable ingredients found in just about every home kitchen; no preservatives, acids, flavors, colors or additives of any kind.
3. No compromise on taste. It must taste better than the conventional product on the market, or we won’t make it.
4. The use of organic ingredients whenever possible, and an eco-friendly (reduce, reuse, recycle) mind set; we also select like-minded companies as our vendors/suppliers.

Insider Insights: I randomly stumbled upon this little gem when I was strolling the streets around Chelsea Market. It’s simplistic elegance drew me in. When you walk in it’s almost like a mini-market of freshly prepared natural deliciousness. If you sit down to dine in they prepare your meal for you there or if you take out you can either reheat it yourself or you can request that they reheat it for you. It would be a shame if all this freshly prepared organic goodness were simply placed in the microwave on high for 30 seconds…luckily that’s not the case! They actually take the meal and heat up over the stove and place it back in the containers for you. This may not sound like the ideal scenario for some, but it’s a fantastic idea for those who are in the mist of a hustle and bustle lunch break. You can slip into this place, choose your meal, have it reheated, & head back out the door knowing you have a healthy & a warm meal on your hands. I had brown bastami rice with steamed squash, onions, & cranberries and I got my partner and crime beef, broccoli, & snow peas in a garlicky sauce served over brown bastami rice….we gave our meals 4 thumbs up!