6th-Third eye/Brow chakra

Third eye chakra|6th chakra

“brow chakra”,”intuitive center”, “consciousness center”, “seat of oneness”

  • sanksrit name: ajna (to perceive, to know)
  • mantra: be intuitive
  • symbol: violet lotus with 2 petals
  • color: indigo blue or violet
  • location: between the eyebrows
  • corresponding hormonal gland: pituitary gland
  • associated anatomy: brain, eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, pineal gland
  • characteristics: wisdom, imagination, intuition, knowledge
  • third eye chakra life issues: ability to focus your intelligence, to know who & what contribute to your highest good & greatest joy, to distill wisdom from your life experience (both good & difficult), choose health, joy, life, & fulfillment in every aspect of your life
  • affected by: the past, present, & future, beliefs about spirits/angels
  • physical activities: yoga, tai chi, qi going
  • spiritual activities: thinking clearly about your life, reading or viewing uplifting & positive books & material, reflection, contemplation, meditation, creative use of your imagination
  • musical note: A

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