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{AR-Yoga Services}

On our journey to heal and find truth, we must learn look at our state of well-being from all angles- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

All of Amanda’s experience & knowledge allows her to connect to humanity in a unique way. AR-Yoga offers one-of-a-kind services that are structured to expand awareness and promote transformation. The following services are not meant to replace seeking medical attention from a licensed health professional, rather they are meant to complement conventional healthcare and inspire you to maintain an ongoing commitment to your health & wellness.

AR-Yoga is currently based out of Manhattan Beach, California. AR-Yoga serves the greater Los Angeles area & is willing to travel to other specified locations/regions with the client’s understanding that additional travel fees may apply- When submitting a request to book an appointment, be sure to inquire about traveling fees.

book nowReiki Energy Healing Session 60 min Initial: $120 | Follow-up: $75

Reiki is a holistic healing modality which focuses on harmonizing and balancing the flow of energy within a person. The Reiki practitioner assists the client to heal themselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Because a Reiki Energy Healing Session is capable of working on many levels, it can serve as a holistic approach to: support the body’s ability to heal itself, expand spiritually, align with your unique Purpose & Truth, reduce stress, and promote relaxation & well-being. Distant healing available via phone, skype, & gmail video chat. Learn more about Reiki Here.

book nowGuided Reiki Self Healing Meditation 60 min Initial: $120 | Follow-up: $75

Reiki is a hands-on energy healing technique which promotes positive shifts in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The Guided Reiki Self Healing Meditation service is rooted in the Reiki belief that you must focus on healing yourself and become present within your own life before attempting to assist others on their healing journey. Take the first step & become empowered as you take your Self-Healing capabilities to the next level. Raise your vibration and heighten your intuition as Reiki Master Amanda helps guide you in developing your own energy amplification practice. Stretching, Yoga, Pilates aromatherapy, angel card readings, and journaling are often incorporated as you are taken through a guided energy experience & meditation. Relax, release, and enjoy your own powerful positive energy! Learn more about Reiki Here.

book nowChakra Explore and Restore Session 60 min Initial: $120 | Follow-up: $75

There are 7 major energy centers in the human body known as chakras. Becoming aware of your chakras can be very transformative- allowing you to grow, heal, & connect on a deeper level. There are actually many chakras within the body & throughout the universe, but a significant amount of healing & growth can occur when we focus on the 7 major chakras. Embedded within your 7 main chakras lie profound life lesssons. In this individualized in depth analysis, we will explore and restore the balance within each of your 7 main chakras by integrating various healing modalities-Reiki & Shaman techniques, crystals, card readings, aromatherapy, visualizations, meditations, & affirmations. A Chakra Explore & Restore Session can spark positive change in all aspects of your life. Distant healing available via phone, skype, & gmail video chat. Learn more about Chakras Here.

book nowYoga Align & Refine Session 60 min $150

In a Yoga Align & Refine Session we examine your posture and alignment in order to provide constructive feedback on how you can improve your yoga practice. Wherever you are on your yoga journey, this worthwhile investment will provide you with the insight to build body awareness & prevent injury. Addressing movement dysfunction and faulty muscle firing patterns prior to injury and learning to move with efficiency is how you will find longevity in your yoga practice. This session goes beyond just a private yoga lesson because your yoga practice is observed from the perspective of a trained movement specialist. Amanda’s expert eye was developed over the course of receiving her Bachelors in Kinesiology (human movement) & Gerontolgy (the process of aging) and refined with her education to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy which includes an extensive background in the sciences, focusing on physics, anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and kinesiology. This expertise allows the session to be tailored to your specific needs, whether you’re trying to re-connect with yoga after injury, interested in learning more about the alignment of advanced postures, or trying to build a strong foundation to take your first yoga class. Learn more about Yoga Here.

book nowPrivate Yoga Session 60 min $75

Prior to booking private yoga sessions with AR-Yoga, client must have been assessed during a Yoga Align & Refine Session. When working privately with AR-Yoga you will be guided through a dynamic sequence that challenges your edge, but works within the parameters that are appropriate for your level of experience. Ideal for beginners, seasoned yogis, and practitioners who have specific injuries or health concerns. Styles available include: Beginner Vinyasa Flow, Intermediate Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Sculpt (yoga with weights), & Yoga-Pilates. Learn more about Yoga Here.

book nowYoga Adapted for Physical Disabilities 60 min Initial: $60| Follow-up: $45

Any condition that limits your physical function should not discourage you from connecting with your body through yoga. In fact, wheelchairs and assistive devices can be utilized as props! Amanda adapts & individualizes yoga for those who are paralyzed & have physical disabilities. The majority of her work has been with individuals with spinal cord injuries, but she’s always open to any opportunity which allows her to help people access their bodies in new ways. A typical session entails assessing the level of modification needed in the yoga practice, providing suggestions & recommendations, educating the client on proper movement strategies, & while flowing through yoga sequences, visualization, meditation, & energy healing work is also incorporated. AR-yoga understands that those living with a disability can incur additional costs in many aspects of everyday life, from major expenditure on equipment essential for maintaining independence, to ongoing medical expenses. For this reason AR-yoga strives to make this adaptive yoga service accessible & affordable. Learn more about Adaptive Yoga Here.

book nowIntuitive Energy Healing Yoga Blend Session 60 min Initial: $120 | Follow-up: $75

The Intuitive Energy Healing Yoga Blend Service is one of a kind! Amanda will do an energetic screen of the client’s body. She then brings the client’s awareness to the areas that her intuition is guided to bring healing and balance to. The client’s innate inner wisdom will be a guiding force throughout this session as well. After identifying areas of focus, energy healing techniques will be applied as you are being guided through yoga postures and sequences, breathing and relaxation techniques, and strengthening exercises. The Intuitive Energy Healing Yoga Blend Service is specific to your needs and helps restore balance back into your life.

book nowAnatomy Intensive inquire about availability & rates

Book AR-yoga’s anatomy intensive services to have a credible, well qualified source guide the anatomy portion of your next teacher training program! OR are you a student, small group, Yoga or Pilates instructor, or an aspiring teacher looking for private instruction in anatomy specific to Yoga or Pilates? You don’t have to be part of a teacher training program to book this service, everyone & anyone can benefit from becoming more aware and knowledgeable of the body’s layout and function. During an Anatomy Intensive you will learn basic physiology and anatomy, proper alignment and how to avoid injuries, how to modify instruction and hands-on adjustments to accommodate injuries, breathing mechanics, movement analysis & identifying movement dysfunction, how to read bodies, physically and emotionally, as well as the energy of a group or individual. Amanda’s education provides her with a rich & extensive background in anatomy. Her coursework involves in depth study of physiology, anatomy, neuroanatomy, cardiopulmonary system, analytical anatomy, cadaver dissection, kinesiology (human movement), biomechanics, & gerontology (process of aging). She has experience providing anatomy intensive services for Corepower’s 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Trainer Program.

{Private Parties & Special Events}

Looking for a unique way to bond & connect at your next gathering? Whether it’s a casual get-together or you’re celebrating a special occasion, host a yoga or healing party!

book nowYoga Party

No matter what the reason or the season, a yoga party is a novel idea that can set the stage for an unforgettable gathering. Your 60 min yoga class will be specifically sequenced and themed for whatever the occasion. AR-Yoga caters to it all- rainy days, wine nights, birthdays, going away, welcome home, bachelor/ette party, bridal parties, couples date night, boys night, girls night, pre or post surf sessions, healthy dinner parties, anniversaries, graduations, family reunions…The options are endless! You actually don’t even need an occasion or an excuse to have a yoga party, just gather friends & host an event based around a central theme- love, friendship, gratitude, positive change, happiness, trust, changing of the seasons, team building…Get creative! The host is responsible for inviting guests & setting the location knowing anywhere in the world can be your backdrop- overlooking the ocean, in a garden, during sunrise/sunset, on a hike, on the beach, in-house, movie set…Anywhere! Styles of Yoga available include: Beginner Vinyasa Flow, Intermediate Vinyasa Flow, Mixed level Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Sculpt (yoga with weights), & Yoga-Pilates. Work with AR-yoga to customize your memorable yoga party! There’s no better way to align with others than by flowing through a yoga class together.

  • Number of guests: If you’re a host you just need 1 guest in attendance to call it a party! The maximum amount of people that can attend the party depends on the size of the location you intend for the party to take place. To gauge the amount of space needed, allot a 3 foot x 7 foot space for each practicing yogi. Determining the time of your yoga party: Your Yoga class begins promptly at the time scheduled. It is encouraged that you tell your guests that the party start time is at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled yoga class. This not only assures everybody’s presence, but also allows your participants time to catch up with one another and get settled into the space. Rate: Baseline fee to host an AR-Yoga Party: $100 Price for each Yogi that attends: $30, host flows for free!

book nowEnergy healing Party

Get good vibes flowing the next time you gather a group of friends/family/colleagues together! Host an energy healing party or have AR-yoga energy healing services be available to guests at your next event! Ar-Yoga can bring an abundance of good energy into your space while providing mini-energy healing sessions & readings. Guests interested in participating will enjoy an uplifting and enlightening energy healing experience while simultaneously benefiting from the enhanced energy of a group setting. Hosts are responsible for inviting guests and setting the time frame & location. From there, the host will work with AR-yoga to decide the structure of the party & what healing options they would like to provide to guests. Choose from a variety of healing modalities that integrate Reiki & Shaman techniques, crystals, card readings, aromatherapy, visualizations, meditations, & affirmations. No previous knowledge or experience in healing is necessary, just the desire to have AR-yoga facilitate a healing party in your home, venue or company! AR-yoga’s presence can be a surprise to your guests or a highly anticipated service, either way read below to determine what best suits your needs…

  • Small group energy healing party- Structure: Depending on how open guests are and how intimate the setting, readings & healings can take place out in the open in front of the group or in a private room while other guests mingle & buzz about their session. Number of Guests: Including the host, minimum of 2 people & maximum of 10 people per party. Time Frame of Party: Must book energy healing services for minimum of 1 hour & maximum of 3 hours. From there, host decides how long each guest will experience energy healing sessions for. Minimum time frame of 10 min per guest. Rate: $150/hr.
  • AR-yoga healing services available to all guests throughout the duration or a portion of your event- Structure: In a more free form setting, interested guests approach the healing table to experience mini-energy healing services at their own leisure. Time spent with each guest is based on demand. A more structured approach would be to gauge your guest’s interest prior to the event & have them sign up in designated time slots prior to event, upon arrival, or throughout the course of the duration of event. Rate: $200/hr with a minimum of 2 hours, $175 for each additional hour.