Holistic Cancer Care

holistic health ar-yoga.comCancer is a difficult diagnosis to take on, but whether it’s you or a loved one , make sure to keep the faith because the human spirit is resilient and attitude is a small thing that can make a big difference. Here, learn more about integrative cancer care for the WHOLE person. AR-yoga intends to empower you with information and provide you with guidance and support! Stay positive!

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WomenTop10Cancers ar-yoga.comFirst & foremost, are you aware of the top 10 cancers that affect both men & women? Knowledge is power & prevention is key. Look at the tables on the right & get informed!

If you have already been diagnosed with cancer or are an advocate for someone with cancer, quality care is probably on your radar. Quality care is going to entail working with health professionals & cancer care providers that acknowledge there are several components to your well-being & are willing to take the “big picture” into consideration.

Embodiworks states, “Attention to the whole person is returning to the practice of health care. We, as human beings, are dynamic living systems integrating many parts that create the whole of who we are. Care for people with cancer is optimally provided in an integrative cancer care model addressing the whole person.”

Some of my favorite resources that highlight holistic care for cancer patients below…

1) EmbodiWorks.org educates & empowers people affected with cancer. They offer integrative cancer care information based on healing within 5 domains: Mind, Body, Spirit, Social, & Environmental. If you are a cancer care provider and/or other health care professional, know that they also offer evidence-based information & innovative strategies to better support patients with cancer and improve components of health models. EmbodiWorks has MDs, PhDs, and other integrative professionals on their Integrative Cancer Care Advisory Board offering expert input.

2) WeSpark.org is based in Los Angeles, CA. If you’re in the area check out this special place dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for cancer patients, their families & friends. They provide you with the encouragement, support & information you seek to help heal your mind, body and spirit. FREE cancer support services that they offer to patients, their families, & friends include: Reiki, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Reflexology, support groups, & so many other unique services!

Below, explore what both of these sites have to offer, right here on ar-yoga.com!