buddhaMeditation involves quieting the mind in order to redirect your attention into the present. Disengaging prior to focusing sounds like the ultimate paradox. Which may be why “reaching a meditative state” can be such an elusive concept. The focus page allows me to share ways in which meditation has become more accessible to me.

The amazing thing about a still mind is that you don’t have to search for any answers in the external world because it allows you to realize that all the answers lie within. The ability to turn off the external world & draw inward, can positively affect all aspects of your life. It can reduce stress, thereby improving your health. It has also increased my ability to enjoy life & be more mindful, which enhances my ability to relax & concentrate.

It is also possible to quiet the mind while engaging in movement- known as moving meditation. It can be experienced during activities like swimming, running, hiking, painting, surfing, doing yoga or tai chi. When the body is moving & the mind is in sync with that & fully present, a meditative state may be easier for some to achieve. It has been described as feeling like you don’t even have to try, as if you’re connected to something much bigger than yourself.

With practice, meditation becomes easier & can be as short as 2-minutes. Below I’ve provided different techniques & aspects of meditation that I’ve enjoyed :)