seasonal eating

When foods are at their peak of abundance & optimum state they are considered “in season.” Eating seasonal foods can be beneficial because the foods you’re eating are giving you all they have to offer in regards to freshness, taste, & nutrition. If you eat foods that are in season you are also honoring nature’s cycles. When I am harmonizing with nature’s rhythm, I feel more connected to the Earth, myself, & others. The following link is to an interactive seasonal ingredient map which allows you to see what’s fresh in your STATE by MONTH!! Plus find ingredient descriptions, shopping guides, recipes, and tips! Below, I focus the attention on the how energy cycles throughout the seasons & the influence that has on our foods & tendencies!


The spring is governed by upward, rising energy. Flowers begin to blossom upward and spirits are uplifted by Spring’s energy. The upward vibes of spring are light, refreshing, and renewing. We are attracted to fresh, green, upward growing foods. Say HELLO to some of our faves..apricots, artichokes, asparagus, peas, & strawberries!



When the rising energy of Spring reaches it’s peak, we have ourselves the expanded, luscious season of Summer. The vibes of summer are warm and active. Intense heat is often used to prepare our summer foods. Grilling & roasting are popular cooking methods in the summer. Many of our favorite foods enjoy being the superstars of the summer season- leafy greens, cooling veggies & fruits such as cucumbers & berries, sunny yellow corn, & ripe tomatoes.

Late Summer: The bright, sunny, long days of summer can’t stay at peak intensity forever. From August to September, the roaring vibes of summer begin to calm down. This settling lends itself to a more mellow time of year. This can be considered the pause between the full expansion of summer and the contraction of Autumn that is about to take place. Sweet, settling, balancing, steamed foods are IN- like onion, squash, & sweet rice.


During the fall, nature tends to draw inward. We see the leaves fall from trees as the earth takes them in for transformation. Thanksgiving is the prime example of coming together for gathering & a display of fall foods. Cooking in the fall is all about warm, slow cooked foods. We tend to crave foods that have lots of gathered energy at their core- short-grain rice, pumpkins, apples, persimmons, & pears.


During the Winter the days are short, cold, and dark which creates a contracted energy in all living things. In Winter, we seek to stay warm & grounded. This calls for the use of more oil, hearty dishes, warming soups, animal foods, root vegetables, & beans. We often see baking dominating the winter seasons.