grounding visualization

This is my personal go-to visualization when I feel I need grounding.

Breathe. Draw your attention to your feet. Stand tall & imagine rich, dark, cold, moist soil under your feet. Allow your feet to be heavy. Watch & feel yourself sink deep into the soil & feel connected. As you stand supported by the earth, recall a tree that’s familiar to you. Picture the details of this tree & draw your attention to its unique characteristics. Now you are the tree. Envision roots growing out of the soles of your feet, running deep into the ground. Visualize the roots intertwining & firmly anchoring you into the earth. Maintaining that connection, bring your focus to the trunk. Be proud & tall. Grow upwards long & strong while maintaining your roots in the ground. Now, imagine a vivid red beam of light shooting down from the center of your trunk into the earth. The red beam is like a current of electricity charging you with life & a sense of being alive. When the red beam reaches the roots watch as the red light spreads & illuminates each & every individual root. Now each root is glowing a vibrant red that warms the earth. Watch as this energizing red beam travels deep into the earth right down to the center. Feel that the center of the earth is magnetized to your core. Feel yourself being pulled, drawn downward, & firmly rooted into the earth.

Listen to it now by clicking below!

grounding visualization audio