Music I am Diggin, in this moment, right now: Afro-Blue

First and foremost, I don’t even have cable so the fact that I happened to stumble upon the talented vocalists of Afro-Blue on “The Sing Off” was a complete accident. BUT NOW I find myself all caught up in “The Sing Off”, which showcases some of the best a cappella groups from across the country. The groups perform popular songs in weekly competitions and every week, one group goes home. The groups will be competing for a chance to walk away with the ultimate prize – a Sony Music recording contract and $200,000. In this moment, right now, I am definitely feeling Afro-Blue. Afro-Blue is a fun-loving Jazz/Pop a cappella ensemble from Howard University in Washington, D.C. The group started as a class in the music department at Howard in 2002, with this current version of the group singing together since 2009. Group members include: Eliza Berkon, Reggie Bowens, Trenton Cokley, Christie Dashiell, Integriti Reeves, Devin Robinson, John Kenniebrew, Mariah Maxwell, Brian Vickers and Danielle Withers.

They all come together & make jazz and scatting sound so darn sexy, fun, and fresh. Scatting is an old jazz term used to describe a jazz singer saying/singing random sounds, syllables, & phrases of nonsensical words. Think- Skap-a-dap-a-diddily-bap- Ski-ba-doo-doodily-bap-swee-do-dee-bop! Now you go ahead and try to make that sound sexy. Life Mission #9343. YouTube poster Voices2BeHeard is spot on in their description, “Afro-Blue has plenty of soul, and all ten members meld together quite nicely. With beautiful harmonies, soaring solos and a fresh look, Afro-Blue is a legitimate contender in any singing competition in which they are involved.” Check ‘em out!