1st-root chakra

Root chakra|1st chakra

“survival center “, ” center of basic needs”, “gateway of life & death”

  • sanksrit name: Muladhara (root, support)
  • mantra: be grounded
  • symbol: lotus with 4 petals
  • color: ruby red
  • location: base of spine (perineum)
  • corresponding hormonal gland: adrenal gland
  • associated anatomy: kidneys, spine, colon, legs, feet
  • characteristics: patience, structure, stability, security, ability to manifest your dreams, related to sexuality
  • imbalanced root chakra life issues: value material possessions as sacred, find trust in places of despair, having no direction in life, excessive worry about having enough money, security, safety, possessions
  • affected by: thoughts & feelings concerning needs, physical safety, home, possessions, career, finances
  • physical activities: yoga, movement focusing on legs & feet, any activity that is grounding, physical, & demands presence
  • spiritual activities: noticing the beauty & perfection of the natural world, grounding meditations
  • musical note: C

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