3rd-solar plexus chakra

Solar plexus chakra|3rd chakra

“center of personal power”, “center of digestion”

  • sanksrit name: Manipura (lustrous jewel)
  • mantra: be strong
  • symbol: downward pointing triangle housed within a ten petaled lotus
  • color: yellow
  • location: directly below your sternum & over the stomach
  • corresponding hormonal gland: pancreas
  • associated anatomy: stomach, duodenum, gall bladder, liver, diaphragm, adrenals, skin
  • characteristics: self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, personal power, freedom of choice
  • solar plexus chakra life issues: developing a strong & resilient ego, knowing you are worthy
  • affected by: power, control
  • physical activities: martial arts, competitive sports, hiking, cycling
  • spiritual activities: leadership programs, psychotherapy, drama class, appreciating solitude
  • musical note: E

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