We all want to accomplish “things”, but how do we back these “things” up with action? I struggle with this because my mind runs wild & before I know it I have approximately 498 absolutely brilliant “things” that I want to do, but the majority of the time I lack the direction & focus to know where to start. It’s frustrating when I have ideas, but don’t know how to bring them to life. To address this, I was inspired to I come up with an acronym that helps set my plans into motion. The acronym is G.I.V.E. That stands for…

  • Goal
  • Intention
  • Verbalize
  • Effect

Lets bust out the dictionary & break it down…

goal [gohl]–noun

The end result or achievement that you direct your efforts towards

in·ten·tion [in-ten-shuhn]–noun

the act of determining mentally upon some action or result

verbalize [vur-buh-lahyz] -verb

to express, declare, proclaim

ef·fect [ ih-fekt] –verb

to bring about; accomplish; make happen

I like this because the first 2 words are nouns- people, places, things & the second 2 are verbs- denoting action. Also, it’s a reminder to G.I.V.E myself the gift of manifesting my dreams & desires!

  • GOAL: What’s THE GRAND PLAN you want to achieve? Sit with yourself for long enough to determine what you are truly passionate about. If you’re already stuck, then let THAT be your goal….talk to enough people & explore enough places, classes, topics, & things until you can narrow down the direction you want to be headed in.
  • INTENTION: THE GRAND PLAN you are going to achieve. Notice there is a difference between wanting it & mentally declaring you ARE GOING to put forth the effort to get it. Intentions are powerful because it’s the point in time when you consciously tell yourself, “I WILL put in the time, energy, & effort to accomplish what I want.” With the goal, you figured out what brings you utter happiness & bliss. By setting an intention, you commit to pursuing your goal.
  • VERBALIZE: Share THE GRAND PLAN with the world! Realize it takes a lot of courage to actually say what you want. Let’s be real, half the time we can’t admit to OURSELVES what we want, let alone anyone else. You must first eliminate any negative talk or thoughts that surround your deepest dreams & desires. Before anyone else can believe in your ideas, YOU have to believe that you’re worthy of manifesting them into your life. This is going to aid you in VOICING your truth to yourself & subsequently the WORLD. That’s big time right there.
  • EFFECT: The GRAND PLAN…Make it happen! Don’t lose your steam &/or direction-set a plan, make a timeline. You know you’re headed in the right direction when you ACT on the things that are going to get you closer to your dreams. If what you’re currently doing is NOT a stepping stone to get you closer, then ask yourself 2 questions: 1) How is this contributing to my personal growth 2) Is what I am doing fulfilling? If you answer these questions from your heart of hearts, you’ll know exactly what in your life you need to reconsider & rearrange.
  • Commit to G.I.V.E NOW. If, not NOW, then when? Don’t stand in your own way.
  • Enjoy turning your dreams & desires into reality :)