Hello! to SpRiNg’S UpWaRd RiSiNG eNeRgY!

And then came the day when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to bloom. -Anais Nin

The month of March officially welcomes SPRING! Spring’s energy is dewey, refreshing, renewing, light, and colorful! Spring is the beginning of an upward rising energy- spirits are uplifted, flowers begin to bloom, & we welcome the season of upward rising veggies and fruits! The lighter vibes are here, are you ready for this joyous upward surge?! It’s a good time to do some spring cleanin’ & lighten up the eatin’! Your relationships with yourself, family, friends & significant others are affected by this rising energy too! Clear, open, healthy partnerships allow Springtime’s lightness & happiness to easily settle into the relationships. Take the time to shake off any stagnant issues from the Winter because as Spring’s mighty upward surge comes barreling through, unresolved issues will also come rushing to the surface….consider your relationships getting a Spring cleaning of their own :)

ways to welcome SpRiNg!

  • Experiment with the foods that are becoming readily available in the Spring! HELLO! Apricots, artichokes, asparagus, collard greens, grapefruits, green peas, guava, mango, oranges, papayas, parsnips, strawberries, swiss chard! Check out the seasonal eating section for interactive seasonal maps, seasonal ingredients, menu planners & recipe ideas!
  • Fuel your creativity with color! More vibrant colors are slowly creepin’ back into our lives. The scenery is sprinkled with more greenery & bursts of boldness- be inspired by it. Check out my motivation for bringing the vibrancy back into my life!
  • Detox your life! Get rid of what no longer serves you! Clean out your living space- get rid of clothes that’s not flattering, say buh bye to that stack of papers you haven’t sifted through in years, wipe the dust off the nooks & crannies! Letting go makes you feel lighter & a clean environment will allow Spring to settle into all the right places. Go as far as getting a haircut and chopping off all the dead ends. Shift your focus onto the people who support and love you vs hanging onto those who don’t have your best interest at heart. Most importantly, get right with yourself! A healthy relationship with yourself allows you to see things more clearly, even more so now that Spring is lending itself to bringing in renewing & clearing forces. Check out meditations to help you get on track, look over yoga suggestions, & incorporate some fitness into your life to make room for Spring in your mind, body, & spirit!
  • Let your Liver breathe! The liver & gallbladder are sensitive to upward energy, as they are governed by it. Spring’s energy gives your liver a natural boost. The liver is one of the body’s major detoxifying centers, so make sure your liver is healthy & clear so you can express your creativity and harness your own personal power. A stuffy, gunky liver can make you lethargic & irritable.

signed, sealed, & delivered with love, hugs, and upward rising vibes!

xoxo ar