1.1.11 ar-yoga launch

On 1.1.11 @ 1:11 ar-yoga.com officially launches :) With a little loss of sleep & a lot of help from good people it has finally come to life! Woohoo!

The launch date & time are significant because in numerology, the number 1 represents independence, adventure, & new beginnings! In 2011 I intend to embody the characteristics of the number 1, which include being: confident, creative, & a feisty go getter who finds great joy & gratification in taking on new adventures. Energetically, the number 1 brings constant motion & movement. To me this represents having the momentum to keep my plans moving forward. The start day + time equal 7. 7 represents being a seeker of truth & an accumulator of knowledge & wisdom, all characteristics which also describe ar-yoga.

Creating this website/blog from the ground up has been equally amazing as it has been frustrating. I’m incredibly grateful to be surrounded by supportive family & friends who encourage me to pursue the things I’m passionate about. AR-yoga.com gives me an opportunity to unite & connect through all things that bring me joy. 2010 has allowed me to heal & grow. 2011 will allow me to continue expressing my Truth.

I have to shout out to a few people who made this happen: Mateo Schmiteo, who enthusiastically encouraged me to take the idea of starting a blog & run with it. Harry, who serves as my best friend, creative director, & brother. Ciav, who codes like it’s his job (probably because it is) & was able to provide me with the skill set to start coding & zipping like it’s MY job. I send my gratitude & love out to y’all all day everyday!…. & to all the living, breathing beings that inspire me on a daily basis…thank you!

May you all enter the new year in balance, in health, & in happiness :)
xo ar