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Whats better than the violin? Hip Hop on the violin. Paul Dateh kills it in this video. The fact that he starts out with Tribe melts my heart. Also check out my girl Miri Ben Ari. She’s bah.nans when it comes to hip hop on the violin.

The 2nd song he throws down is Jurassic 5′s Canto de Ossanha. I cannot tell you how many times my boys Kyle & Sanchez & I got down to this song in undergrad. Definitely on my list of all time favorites. Click on the link below to hear it out in its full glory…

Jurassic 5 Canto de Ossanha

Miri Ben Ari has worked with Kanye, John Legend, Twista, & done so many other dope collabs. Here’s one of my favorites….

Miri Ben Ari Sunshine To The Rain (Featuring Scarface & Anthony Hamilton)

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