Autumn’s inward energy

fall, autumn, energySpring’s energy rises, Summer’s energy expands, Late Summer’s energy dissipates the full blown expansion of the summer, and Autumn’s energy is all about pulling us in. This time of year, we come home & draw in earlier because dusk comes sooner, which is a change of pace from the long, drawn out days of summer. Shorter days and longer nights give us the opportunity to self reflect. That calls for a bit more of a serious tone in comparison to the sunny, fun, carefree days of summer. Gathering our thoughts and being introspective allows room for transformation. On all levels we see this contraction of energy during the Fall- from foods, to nature, to families & friends gathering around the dinner table to celebrate. Leaves transform by changing colors, and then settle into the earth to be mulched into something new. Fall tends to be a rich, warm time of year, which in reflected by the deep red, orange, and nude/brown hues that tend to rule the season to our food choices. We prefer slow cooking and warm root vegetables. The foods in season that we tend to crave around this time have lots of gathered energy at their core- Think, apples, pumpkins, persimmons. Autumn’s energy influences the lungs & large intestine. From a relationship standpoint, you may find that you need to create more space for yourself. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, they say, and the cycles of the seasons are no different. All that upward energy of the Spring needs to find its balance with the inward energy of the Fall. In a partnership, it is important that both individuals take the time to draw deep into themselves and sift through their own issues in order to make the relationship stronger.

ways to welcome Autumn!

    • Experiment with the foods that are becoming readily available in Autumn! HELLO! short-grain rice, pumpkins, apples, persimmons, pears, and warming spices like cinnamon! Check out the seasonal eating section for interactive seasonal maps, seasonal ingredients, menu planners & recipe ideas!
    • Draw Inward! Shift your focus onto you and get right with yourself! A healthy relationship with yourself allows you to view the world with increased clarity. Autumn facilitates you going deeper into the core of your being. NO matter what comes up, stay positive, and acknowledge that going through this process is the first step in transforming yourself & shifting your vibration to higher levels. Re-visit your goals- get motivated by reading ar-yoga’s posts dedicated to goal setting, write in a journal, start a blog, when making decisions, draw in and listen to any strong feelings stemming deep from your core aka your intuition, meditate-check out the meditation page to jump start your practice, focus on your overall wellness and look over yoga suggestions, & incorporate some core exercises into your fitness routine in order to allow Autum’s energy to seep deep into your mind, body, & spirit!
    • Energetically focus on your sacral chakra! In Autum it’s all about pulling into your core, so draw your attention to the sacral/navel chakra. Location: between the navel & base of spine. Color: orange. Visualize a warming orange color clearing any imbalances that may lie here. Interested in a more detailed chakra balancing exercise? Try this: 1) Check out the chakra page 2) Find where each chakra is located by looking at the chakra body chart 3) Read up on each one by clicking its specific link 4) Starting from the ground up focus on the chakras one at a time 5) Dedicate 30 seconds or more to balancing each one by saying “I am releasing any issues associated with this specific energy center and it is now harmoniously balanced and flowing with ease” 6) Seal that intention by visualizing that part of you body glowing a vibrant (insert color associated with that chakra). There are endless ways to balance your chakras, here’s an example using the Sacral chakra: Bring your focus to the sacral chakra, located between your belly button & base of spine. Imagine it glowing a warm orange. Repeat 5x ” I know that who I am & what I do is enough. I have enough rest, energy, food, fun, & money. I link my self-worth to appropriate things, and have the ability to create healthy boundaries to protect myself & my vital life force” With each repetition visualize the orange glow coming from your sacral chakra become increasingly brighter and healthier.
    • Speaking of core, Focus on the diaphragm when you Breathe! The lungs & large intestine lie within your core and are influenced by Autumn’s energy. The Diaphragm is a dome shaped muscle that lies horizontally within your core and assists in respiration. Above it you will find the lungs and below it you will find the large intestine. Learning Diaphragmatic breathing draws you into your core and can reduce your stress levels, deepen your yoga & meditation practice, and encourage a more efficient breathing pattern. Learn how to do it and get acquainted with your anatomy by watching the video below & if you’re still hungry for more check out this link which goes in depth into diaphragmatic breathing!

signed, sealed, & delivered with love, hugs, and rich warming vibes of autumn!

xoxo ar