Summer’s Expansive Energy

In May, Spring winds down and in June the sweet summertime emerges! Spring brings on energy that rises upward- flower buds begin to rise up from the earth, nature is fresh and green, and the idea of renewed life in turn causes you to be in high spirits. When all that upward energy from spring reaches a climax and expands, we call it summer. We spend the hot days of summer being active outdoors. There’s also a tendency to be relaxed, expanded, and open to the possibilities of the season- hey, schools out for the summer and the weather practically demands that you slow down and relax poolside, or go travel and sprawl out on the beach. We melt into the warm vibes of the season by enjoying all the flowers, fruits, and veggies that have blossomed to their fully expanded potential, we eat outdoors, and we tend to use high searing temperatures to cook our food- roasting, grilling, & stirfrying in order to keep the roaring days of summer going strong. Yet, we also balance out the heat by eating juicy, cool, refreshing foods like cucumbers, watermelons, & tomatoes. The internal organs that are ruled by summer’s energy include the heart and small intestine. The energy centers of the body that are nourished during this season are the warmed up heart chakra and the glowing solar plexus. As the hot days turn into warm nights you’re fueled with fire and energy so relationships are passionate, you’re open to the possibilities of what summer romances have to offer, and you’re warming up to the idea of being invested in the connection. Summer has a memorizing presence, it’s BIG, HAPPY, and CAREFREE.

Late Summer: The bright, sunny, long days of summer can’t stay at peak intensity forever. From August to September, the hot vibes of summer begin to calm down. It’s a time to focus on the summer harvest. You gather in all the ripe and mature crops that the summer had to give. This settling lends itself to a more mellow time of year. This can be considered the pause between the full expansion of summer and the contraction of Autumn that is about to take place. Sweet, settling, balancing, steamed foods are IN- like onion, squash, & sweet rice. Relationship wise- summer romps may fizzle, but if it still feels sweet and soothing you’ll know because subconsciously you’ll be in a mood to settle into a routine (anyone else feeling that back-to-school vibe swirling around?) and the energy of late summer calls for a deeper understanding of one another (so sorry summer eye candy, but good looks alone will not be compatible with this kind of relating). The reins are pulled in on the high intensity passion coming from the heart and that energy is drawn downward feeding into the stomach, spleen, and pancreas- major digestive organs and highly correlated with the solar plexus.

ways to welcome SUMMER!

  • Experiment with the foods that are becoming readily available in the Summer! HELLO! Leafy greens, cooling veggies & fruits such as cucumbers & berries, sunny yellow corn, & ripe tomatoes! And for late Summer! HI! Onion, squash, & sweet rice. Check out the seasonal eating section for interactive seasonal maps, seasonal ingredients, menu planners & recipe ideas!
  • Get Outside! Get some vitamin D the old fashion way! Ground yourself into the dewy morning grass. Meditate as you watch the sunrise. Get outdoors and do a few yoga poses and sun salutations to welcome the light into your life. Go for a walk or go on a hike. Swim in a river. Take a tennis lesson. Spend time in someone’s luscious garden. Hit the sand for some beach volleyball. Whatever your activity preferences are, just make sure you maximize the long days of summer by spending time outside. Check out meditations to help you get on track, look over yoga suggestions, & incorporate some fitness into your life in order to allow Summer to expand into your mind, body, & spirit!
  • Be Confident & follow your heart! The heart & small intestine are sensitive to expanded energy, as they are governed by it. Summer’s energy gives them a natural boost. And the digestive organs ruled by the late summer’s downward energy, are emphasized during this time. These areas are associated with the heart chakra- which is all about following your truth & being true to what’s in your heart and the solar plexus- all about being confident, owning your power, and checking in with your self-esteem & self- worth. Good time to love your body and ooze self confidence as you rock your new summer swimsuit!

signed, sealed, & delivered with the rip roarin’ vibes of summer!