goals & ambitions all up in my face

my wall of goals & ambitions

My goals are big, scary, exciting, & hairy! There’s nothing that keeps me more accountable to them than having them all up in my face on a daily basis. Hence why I dedicated some wall space to displaying what I would like to accomplish in this lifetime. This “wall of goals & ambitions” is one of the first things I look at in the AM & when I walk into the room. Every time it catches my eye, it brings my focus & dedication back to what truly matters to me. The plans for the rest of my life don’t deserve to be buried under a pile of papers on my desk! I encourage you to create some sort of sacred space that allows you to see your bucket list on a daily basis. Get creative & find a way to “keep in site” that you are the cause & creator of your destiny!

As always, keep it cool, funky, & fresh!

xoxo ar

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