vision boards

A vision board is a collection of words & images that describe your goals & intentions. It provides you with an excellent visual reminder of the dreams & desires you want to attract & manifest in your life!

Here’s what I did & I invite you to do the same!

  • called a tried & true friend & got her hyped up on the idea of creating vision boards
  • gathered old magazines & any glue, markers, scissors, glitter, & crayons i had laying around
  • took a trip to the craft store & scoured the clearance aisle. Scored us $10 frames & picked up some stickers & scrapbook paper.
  • We created a collage of all the words & images we collected. This allowed us to creatively express & envision the things we wanted to attract & manifest into our lives health-wise, career-wise, & on a personal level.
  • In the previous post I shared what my 1,3, & 5 year goals are. I tried to incorporate most of those onto my board.
  • Our final products will be proudly displayed somewhere we can see them & meditate upon them often!!

Here our are final products :)