Practice self-compassion & rock on with your brilliant self!

When going through yoga teacher training, in order to set yourself up for success, 2 important concepts were emphasized:

  1. “Let go of your expectations.” The mind will often resist being taught, & will resist change. Letting go of expectations doesn’t mean you don’t have any, it means you’re no attached to them, and you’re more open to receive what you’re given.
  2. “Practice Self-compassion.” Being compassionate with yourself allows you to acknowledge your struggles & provides the supportive emotional environment necessary for change.

I think that the latter is especially important at this time of year because, as I discussed in the previous post, it can be easy to engage in negative self talk when we realize it’s February & we haven’t been committed to any of our new year’s resolutions. It can be difficult to want to continue on a path of change when you’re being told, “YOU want to lose 10 lbs…pshhh, get real”, “you’ll never be able to change”, “you don’t have what it takes.” What’s even worse, is that most of the time the person making us believe these things is OURSELVES! We would never treat anybody else like this, yet when it comes to ourselves, we justify saying these self-destructive things. Self-destructive thoughts lead to self-destructive behavior…NO BUENO!!

I recently read an article in Yoga Journal called “Nuture the new you” by Kelly McGonial, PhD. Dr. McGonial is a health psychologist, professor, & yoga teacher (talk about a bosslady! own it!). It highlighted the importance of self compassion, here are some of my favorite quotes from it that inspire me to cultivate self-love! Hope that after reading them, you feel more moved and motivated to get back on track to keep on shining :)

  • Self-transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but you CAN overcome negative patterns one step at a time. If you are gentle with yourself & accept your setbacks with compassion, you can change your life for the better.
  • Be kind to yourself when you’re confronting personal weaknesses, challenges, & setbacks.
  • Self-Compassion goes beyond self-acceptance. It has an active component of caring, of wanting the best for yourself. It means saying to yourself, “I want to heal, to be happy, to be healthy,” and knowing that sometimes requires you to make a change. – Kristin Neff
  • Accepting yourself where you are- & forgiving yourself for setbacks-makes you more likely to succeed.
  • Self-compassion gives you the strength to take care of yourself, even when it’s tempting to succumb to an old habit.
  • We each possess an inner resource of wisdom, resilience, & strength, a place of deep peace & ease, and great joy & light. When we’re connected with that place, there isn’t self-doubt. We know from our core who we are what to do. Yoga will help you get there. And being kind to yourself will, too. -Kate Holcombe

Self-compassion is not about feeling bad about yourself, it’s about recognizing that we all have setbacks & realizing that that’s in fact part of the process of changing. Don’t you feel more motivated to rock on with your brilliant self?!

If you’re buzzing with enthusiasm, keep the momentum going & check out the self-compassion meditation!!!

Sending everyone love, hugs, kisses, good vibes, & sunny skies!