Law of Attraction.

hermosa beach glowing.

Law of Attraction: Each thought is an investment that pays immediate dividends, so invest wisely. You have the power to choose your thoughts & align them with love, peace, & harmony. The Light & Source of all that is, at your request, will gladly attune your energies to higher frequencies.


Good Morning :)

I’m in the process of manifesting many delicious things in my life….nourishment & support from friends, family, & even strangers to feed into the mad love I have for everyone, energy & inspiration to finish up the last year of my Doctorate Program so I can continue on pursuing a fulfilling career within Physical Therapy that will delight & humble me everyday of my life….to name a few. In this very moment, there is one thing that I’ve been REALLY working on attracting into my life :) I’m getting ready to move out of my place, so I’m definitely investing a lot of my positivity & good vibes into this hermosa beach bike ridesituation. I’m currently bringing to life the idea of living near the beach because the ocean is SPEAKING TO MY SOUL. The logistics of it all has definitely been tricky & frustrating at times, but I know that I need to continue feeding the situation with patience & love. And if YOU my friend want to send my circumstances a lotta bit of love & positive vibes, then that would be magnificent & greatly appreciated! As things unfold, I concentrate on staying grounded. Remaining grounded during the moving process is an important focus because the 1st chakra is susceptible to getting out of balance when you’re dealing with your home, living situation, patience, structure, stability, & security. The 1st chakra is all about your roots, foundation, & home base, THUS staying centered is key! Your structure, stability, & security can be a touchy subject, but I often remind myself of the importance of realizing that where I place my attention is where my energy goes. Think positively & you attract positivity. Stress & think negatively & you attract stress & negativity. When it comes down to manifesting my new beach digs there’s no sense in worryingbecause worrying is like praying for what you don’t want to happen to happen. If I’m grounded & realistic, then why stress & psych myself out about money, not having enough time, & self-doubting negativity? No thanks, NOT worth it. I’d rather be in a positive place and know that whatever happens will be for my highest good. As I go through the ebbs & flows that come with the act of moving, I remain

surfing & sun at hermosa beach.

grateful for everything that I ALREADY have. The most important thing about using the Law of Attraction is to ask & then not become attached to the outcome. Expectations ARE the mother of all frustrations. When we get so wrapped up in something and can’t let it go that’s when we are no longer working for our own good. This mentality can be applied to any situation…relationships, breakups, jobs interviews, school, work…mmm LIFE! Just let it go & let the universe run it’s course! If it doesn’t work out, there’s always a lesson to be learned & it’s most certainly a blessing in disguise if it wasn’t meant to be because that means there are BIGGER & BETTER opportunities in store for you. Alright, I’m off to drop of my application for my future beach town pad…thoughts of sun, sand, surf, beach bike cruisin, running on the strand, & playing beach volleyball are dancing in my head :)

Bursting at the seams with lots of LOVE & JOY always! xoxo ar