G.I.V.E myself the gift of manifesting my dreams & desires

To kick off the year right, 5 of my ahh.mazing friends & I circus packed the car & headed to weekly meditation class at the Ruby Room in downtown Chicago (love, love, love this place!). In this very non-intimating setting we were guided into our meditation. We were all bonded in the thought of coming back to ourselves & painting a picture of our heart’s true desires. A simple concept, but an incredibly dope thing to do on a regular basis, especially in the new year.

The new year brings in energy that’s fresh & exciting. There’s hope & enthusiasm generated around new ideas & goals. Let’s capitalize on this energy by setting meaningful goals, supporting them with consistent intention, & actually acting upon them! Intention + action are what bring your goals to life.

In order to set my plans into motion this year I came up with the acronym G.I.V.E- which is fitting because it reminds me to G.I.V.E myself the gift of manifesting my dreams & desires :) Check out the focus page to see how to incorporate the G.I.V.E meditation into achieving your goals this year.