Diversify your sound with Cultura Profetica. Puerto Rican Reggae.

http://www.israbox.com/uploads/posts/2010-11/1290247492_cultura_profetica-live_tribute_to_the_legend_bob_marley.jpgReggae music is always a go to for me when I’m in a mellow yet uplifted mood. Cultura Profética has easily become one of my favorite bands to listen to. They are a Puerto Rican band, with reggae roots, that made their debut in 1996. The majority of their songs are in Spanish, but they also do songs in English (their Tribute to Bob Marley album is UNREAL). They’ve toured across Puerto Rice, but have also touched down in the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Mexico & the United States. In English, Cultura Profética, tranlates into Prophetic Culture.Don’t speak/understand Spanish? Who cares, listen anyway. I know Spanish, so in this specific case it may be a little easier for me to say these things, but I still love listening to music in languages I don’t understand. Listening to music in other languages is a stimulating & dope thing to do! Plus, music is like a whole different language in itself. I think that Cultura Profetica’s music is living, breathing proof that you can feel connected to music even though you don’t understand every single lyric. It’s sometimes all about being able to “feel” the music, and that right there puts you on a whole different level of “understading”. Cultura Profetica hits you with laid back cat mellow music- harmonies that make you feel light and airy, rhythms that uplift you, & super soulful lyrics. Their sound is rich, complex, & very admirable. If you find yourself enjoying their music & venture down the path in which you feel that you absolutely HAVE to know what they are singing about, then here’s a little insight into what they say they are saying…

“Conscientes de las realidades socio-políticas de su Puerto Rico natal y la geopolítica en general, deciden levantar su inspiración en favor de la libertad, la igualdad, la naturaleza y el amor, a través de canciones motivadoras y originales. Armadas con buen sentido poético, sus creaciones resultan frescas y espontáneas, con carácter contemporáneo y valor universal.”

TRANSLATION- We bring consciousness to the realities of Puerto Rico’s socio-political & geo-political issues. Our original & motivating songs are inspired by freedom, equality, nature, & love. Armed with a poetic sense, our songs are fresh & spontaneous with contemporary character & universal value. PERSONAL DROPPING OF KNOWLEDGE SIDENOTE: Geopolitics describes the relation between politics & territory. It comprises the art & practice of analyzing, prohibiting, forecasting & using political power over a given territory. Puerto Rico is an organized unincorporated U.S. territory which has been given internal self-governing powers. This gives them their “Commonwealth” status. Under the Constitution of Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans have some degree of freedom from this little external authority figure known as the United States. When the United States just so happens to be your “little” external mother figure, you can naturally assume that there’s a lot to say & debate about the topic. Thus, Cultura Profetica often sheds light on the geopolitics of their motherland.

Diversify your sound & check out my hour long, groovy mood, feel good Cultura Profetica playlist on YouTube! Happy listening :) xoxo ar