post valentine’s day report!

Why hello there! I’ve totally been MIA for some time…since February 14th, to be exact :) For good reasons though! I had an avalanche of tests to study for and that somehow has a way of consuming my life from time to time…thank you grad school! Pursuing my Doctorate in Physical Therapy at USC has required a lot of commitment on my end and often results in 3 am nights, but I am so grateful to be doing what I am doing. Some say it’s a love hate relationship, I like to consider it an ALL love, no hate relationship. I couldn’t imagine waking up and going at school from 7am-5pm & then coming home and trying to absorb even MORE knowledge and not being 100% grateful for the opportunity to do just that. If you’re not waking up 100% dedicated and absolutely head over heels IN LOVE with what you’re doing, then why are you doing it? I’d like to take a moment to say, Physical Therapy, I would totally marry you xoxo! Interestingly enough though, Physical Therapy is going to be just the foundation of what I plan on doing. My practice will entail so much more than that, in fact, it’s going to be EPIC! By taking the time to look around this website you may notice that everything that brings me joy ties together the WHOLE person. For me it’s not just one aspect of life that I focus on, rather it’s the entire way of living and existing…it’s a lifestyle. My approach to Physical Therapy will be holistic in nature & my intention is to take the time to address the mind, body, AND spirit. Regarding that, lately things have been falling into place faster than I can imagine and thus am overflowing with things to share. So let’s get crackin’! When I say overflowing, I mean I got LOTS & TONS of exciting, ah.mazing. absolutely bah.nanas things to share! Starting at square one, let’s recap valentine’s day shall we? It’s may be March 21st, but what the hell…better late than never.

My valentine’s day was absolutely perfect simply because I spent time with people I absolutely adore. Surrounding yourself with positive, loving people can be very uplifting. I woke up, went to school and we discussed a topic very near & dear to my heart, spinal cord injury (SCI). Later that night I got to indulge in some Anusara Yoga at Still Yoga Studio. We went through a lot of heart-opening poses, as expected, and I definitely felt my vibration shift to become more open to receiving and giving LOVE. Our instructor even went around the room and left each of us a unique message on our mat while we were in final relaxation pose (savasana). She had typed them out on her TYPE WRITER, so the messages felt vintage & genuine and were absolutely bad-ass. Mine said: ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR HEART. :) Those words most certainly make my heart sing & put an instant smile on my face. What a sweet way to end our practice. Then me and my dashing date ended up at this new organic, raw, & vegan dessert shop in Pasadena called Kind Kreme. These non-dairy frozen treats were beyond delightful. There was no skimping on richness or flavor, yet we didn’t leave with the feeling of a post ice cream cone coma either. To make everything even more incredible, I received gorgeous flowers. I went to sleep that night knowing that at any minute I could explode into a million molecules of happiness, glitter, sparkles, and love.

I eat, breathe, and live yummy yoga & soul satisfying food, so, as promised, I’ve started 2 new sections on the website: a yoga studio review section & a healthy restaurant review tab!! I’ve included a Still yoga studio Review & a Kind Kreme Review. Keep checking back often, as I have a ton more worthwhile places I want to support and report on!

in love and light,

xoxo ar