visualize & nuture your dreams, talents, goals, & gifts into a reality

Imagine you’re on your death bed & standing around your death bed are the ghosts representing your unfulfilled potential, the ghosts of the ideas & dreams you never acted on, the ghosts of the talents & gifts you didn’t use. They are standing around your bed angry, disappointed, and upset. They say, “We came to YOU because YOU could have brought us to life & now we have to go to the grave together.” Today I ask you, how many ghosts are going to be around your bed when your time comes?

Denzel Washington recently gave The University of Pennsylvania’s 2011 commencement speech. He addressed the students with a very powerful message regarding never turning your back on your own infinite potential, a concept he borrowed from inspirational speaker Les Brown.

I try to write a monthly piece on keeping up with your all the goals & new year’s resolutions that were set back in Jan 2011! May’s topic is about the power of positive thoughts, your ability to write your own recipe, & the infinite potential we all have in manifesting our dreams into a reality!

Take a moment & visualize this metaphor: You fast forward to your death bed & you can see, hear, smell, taste, & touch all the potential you didn’t tap into in your life, all the dreams you never acted upon are all there scattered at foot of the bed staring at you. The ghosts that represent your unfulfilled gifts and talents say, “We came to YOU because YOU could have brought us to life, YOU could have shared us with this world & now we have to go to the grave together.” Sit with that for a second…

Okay, Okay, let’s come back to the present. This metaphor speaks to me quite vividly right now because I was recently focusing on how I feel very connected to my dream of living near the ocean. The ocean’s expansiveness makes me feel grateful, it’s pure essence clears my head, it’s rush brings me bliss, & it’s healing ways make me incredibly happy. Because I feel so drawn to it, I’ve been visualizing & entertaining the idea of setting up shop in a beach town & truly taking it all in. It’s been a dream in the making. It’s been MY dream in the making. How could I not feed this dream, MY dream? How could I sit here and not attempt to give it life? I recently wrote about how I was manifesting my beach town livin’ dreams with the Law of Attraction. AND GUESS WHAT…Searched some websites, filled out a few applications here, checked out a few listings over there, most importantly put in pure raw positive energy & intention, & literally overnight (in the past 24 hours) it happened! I’m movin’ a mile away from the beach next weekend :) Sounds crazy, right? Truth be told, this dream of mine has been 2 years in the works. It even made it’s grand appearance on my 2011 vision board. Yep there it is, in the lower left hand corner, plain & simple…move to the beach. My vision board is hanging on my wall & I have the delightful opportunity to stare at my dreams everyday of 2011. The most significant part about this chapter of my life is knowing that I set the goals & I consciously CHOSE to act upon them. It requires intention, heart, dedication, & patience. All of this DID NOT just fall in my lap overnight. I visualized it, I feed it positivity, I prayed for this to happen only if it was for my highest good, I nurtured this bad boy like there was no guarantee of tomorrow because I didn’t want to lie on my death bed having to ask myself why I didn’t make my dreams a reality. So, today I ask you, how many ghosts are going to be around your bed when your time comes?

Check out min 13:30 to Fast Foward to Denzel talking about infinite potential!